Visualising the lack of formal education in Facilities Management and CRE management, a vital prerequisite for any company, CE Worldwide was initially started as an informal platform for getting the people working in this field of different Companies/Corporate to share their experiences and derive lessons for optimisation of their respective businesses. We are the pioneers in this specialised field, and we organise conferences in the metro cities, where most of the corporate are located, and invite them to share their valuable experiences on the evolution of their respective companies, and solutions to the myriad challenges experienced by them. The topics of discussion are carefully chosen, and distinguished experts in the selected topics share their experiences for the common benefit of all, thus meeting the requirements and aspirations of the corporate world. CE Worldwide is the brand under which hundreds of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the country are brought together on a common platform to enable mutual learning in this field, which lacks formal education/training.

Till date, the company has organized 130 conferences in all the metro cities in India, for duration of one/ two days, and has earned a reputation for itself as the best in the field.


Our mission is to enable companies, be they large corporate or smaller SMEs, to share their ideas, thereby enabling best practices are recognized, challenges faced are identified, and workable solutions to these challenges are arrived at, thereby enabling resources to be employed optimally for the benefit of the respective firms.


Our vision is to expand our horizons to enable companies benefit from this platform, and we constantly strive to improve on our deliverance.


Conferences are held, on an average once a month in different cities and the program is listed out well in advance. The event is organized with meticulous planning and in a cordial environment. Care is taken to ensure and coordinate all aspects of administration of the participants.

The testimonials of our past participants, which can be viewed on our link, have encouraged us to strive to achieve greater standards comparable to the best in the industry.

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